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Wolves of Alonquin Park Glenn Hubert - CD back cover

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Wolves of Algonquin

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Wolves of Algonquin

Part of the "Algonquin Park Wilderness" Series


by Glenn Hubert

© 2014 Glenn Hubert, All rights reserved.

If you've paddled, hiked, or camped in Algonquin Park, you'll be familiar with the sounds of the "Algonquin Park Wilderness". The amazing wilderness sounds on this CD will take you back to your "Algonquin Wilderness Experience".

Hear the iconic howls and calls of the Algonquin wolves in various scenes, including an evening paddle on the lake; camping by a cozy fire; sitting beside a soothing creek; or listening to the tranquil wilderness from inside your tent at 3 am. These amazing wolf howls and vocalizations, which could be considered exciting or soothing, were recorded in a pristine wilderness backdrop, including crickets, frogs, geese, owls, and loons, etc.

Producer, musician, nature recordist, Glenn Hubert paddled & hiked the Algonquin Wilderness, recording along the way. Then produced this CD (a year in the making), and shares what he terms his "Algonquin Wilderness Experience" with you.

Enjoy relaxing acoustic guitar, native flute, and other ambient passages, which Glenn composed
and interlaced into these wonderful wilderness soundscapes.

You may also enjoy the other selections in the "Algonquin Wilderness Series", "Loons of Algonquin", and "Tranquil Algonquin Rain".


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