About Us

gmhCafe was created from a mutual interest in music, nature, and an interest in the well-being of people and their communities.


After being in the music business for over 30 years, and having a deep appreciation for nature, Glenn and Maureen Hubert decided to share their interests with people through an online presence. gmhCafe was born. It is here where Glenn shares his interest and knowledge of music, and music production.


This grew to include the gmhCafe store, where people can purchase Glenn's music and nature productions.


Glenn's father first introduced him to playing the guitar at a young age. That was it, from then on music became an integral part of Glenn's life. In the 80's, Glenn opened a recording studio, where he produced musicians from a wide variety of musical interests. Being located in a small Northern Ontario town, his studio grew into an integral part of the community, offering recording and sound services where and when they were needed.


Maureen's appreciation of nature grew from a young age, she always looked forward to the family's time in the country, away from the city. By her teen years, she made the decision that “one day” she would move to the country, to enjoy the peace and serenity it offers.


In the late 70's their desire to live in a rural setting came to reality, when Glenn and Maureen moved to the Parry Sound area, in Northern Ontario. It was here they began to canoe and travel to the countryside whenever possible.


Now they're proud to share their love of music and nature with others through Glenn's productions available.


You can "hop into the canoe", or sit and peacefully enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature by putting on your headphones, and listening to the stereo recordings of the natural settings.