About Us

Need a break today?  Tired of the noisy rat race?  Wish you were back at the cottage?  Is your heart yearning for a visit to the countryside?  Or do you simply need to unwind and de-stress?  

Glenn Hubert has a wish to help you leave your stresses behind, and experience the beauty of the sounds of nature any time of day, anywhere - to share his love of music and nature with you.

With his expertise in music and nature field recording, Glenn Hubert recreates natural scenes which will draw you into the wilderness soundscape, like you were sitting right there at the side of the creek, or in the forest of beautiful song birds.  Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and let the sounds take you away to a beautiful place.

Being a musician and avid nature lover, Glenn has a talent for creating music which is in harmony with the Wilderness soundscapes he recorded.

All our nature scapes are as they were heard in the wilderness.  None of them are looped.