Tranquil Algonquin Rain Glenn Hubert CD Front Cover
Tranquil Algonquin Rain Glenn Hubert CD Back Cover

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Tranquil Algonquin Rain

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Tranquil Algonquin Rain

Part of the "Algonquin Park Wilderness" Series

Produced by Nature Recordist Glenn Hubert

© 2015 Glenn Hubert. All rights reserved

A gentle rain begins to fall in the pre-dawn hours, along the shore of a secluded lake in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario Canada. “Tranquil Algonquin Rain for Sleep & Relaxation” is a one hour ‘Nature Only’, soothing soundscape void of wind, thunder, lightning, or other environmental or man-made sounds. Only the tranquility of a gentle rain in a quiet, pristine setting.

Produced by Nature Recordist, Glenn Hubert, this soundscape was specifically created for sleep, relaxation, spa, yoga and meditation.

Also part of the "Algonquin Park Wilderness Series", are "Loons of Algonquin" and "Wolves of Algonquin".

For a dynamic rainstorm, listen to “Dynamic Thunder & Lightning - Summer Rain Storm”, also produced by Glenn Hubert.



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