WaterScapes for Spa and Relaxation - CD or digital download for meditation, yoga, relaxation, sleep.
WaterScapes for Spa & Relaxation

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WaterScapes for Spa & Relaxation

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WaterScapes - for SPA & Relaxation

The Relaxing, Soothing Sounds of Water and Music

Glenn Hubert

© 2014 Glenn Hubert, All rights reserved.


“WaterScapes“ is a flowing, relaxing series of musical compositions and recurring themes & melodies, with various natural water environments, specifically created for SPA, relaxation, meditation and sleep. This wonderful collection of “WaterScapes” includes nature sounds recorded on location (except for the ocean sounds) by Glenn Hubert, in the wilds of Northern Ontario, Canada.

1. Peaceful Paddle Part 1 (6:32) - Peaceful paddling lakeside accompanied with soothing choral & orchestral passages.

2. Peaceful Paddle Part 2 (7:53) - Soothing gentle harp with flowing arpeggios accompanies soft, slow paddling sounds, and the gentle calls of the loon.

3. Ocean Slumber (7:22) - Soothing sounds of the surf accompanied by a meditative flute.

4. Forest Creek (16:59) - Sweet sounds of song birds and a gentle flowing brook join with flowing orchestral pieces to help you drift off to sleep.

5. Lakeside Lapping Waves (10:51) - An evening sunset begins as the air is filled with the peaceful sounds of gentle lapping waves, evening songbirds, and the distant call of a loon. An ambient choral passage of soothing voices flows along with this lakeside soundscape.

6. Evening Stream (12:36) - Relax and let go with the sounds of an evening stream, distant loon calls and an ambient orchestral and choral passage with soothing oohs ... a reprise of part 1.

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