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Spring Peeper Frogs for Sleep & Relaxation

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Spring Peeper Frogs

For Sleep & Relaxation

Glenn Hubert

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When the Spring Peeper Frogs begin to sing, it's a sure sign of a Canadian spring. While the ground and ponds thaw from a long winter, the Spring Peeper Frogs appear from their hibernation under mud, or logs, by the thousands. As the sun sets, they begin to sing, resulting in a cacophony of "peeps" surrounding every marsh land and wet areas.

Glenn Hubert’s production, "Spring Peepers for Sleep & Relaxation" includes 4 beautiful pieces, with a continuous sound of spring peepers in the background, to lull you off to sleep.

  1. Night Journey (16:00) Relaxing acoustic guitar with Native flute and rhythmic percussion, while the spring peepers sing in the background.
  2. Spring Evening (16:39) A more subdued piece of music featuring soothing acoustic guitar and piano.
  3. Quietude (16:48) Spring peeper frogs continue to sing, as you drift off to sleep with the soothing sounds of an orchestral ensemble and an echoing Native flute.
  4. Dream Away (14:27) Let the dreamy layers of strings and orchestra send you off to dreamland, while the sounds of the Spring Peeper frogs slowly fade off into the night.

The pristine natural background was recorded in a serene remote area of Northern Ontario, Canada, by musician, nature recordist, Glenn Hubert.


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