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Spring Awakenings

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Spring Awakenings

Witness a streams transition from winter to spring.

Glenn Hubert

© 2007 Glenn Hubert, All rights reserved.


From winter to spring in an hour?

Witness the transition of a stream, from the trickle of the melting ice, to the babbling brook, to the flowing river, and the surrounding wilderness sounds.

In this, the second in the “RiverScapes” series, Glenn Hubert takes the listener on a relaxing journey, creating a sense of wonderment and an enhanced appreciation for nature, and a heightened awareness of the change in seasons – especially Spring, which is the time of year for rebirth, renewal, and growth.

Through March and April, Glenn recorded the sounds from nature – the sound of the dripping ice, the babbling brooks, streams and the surrounding wildlife. He then composed and recorded original music to accompany the natural sounds of the wilderness.

Glenn captures the sound tracks using stereo microphones for truly accurate reproduction of the soundscapes as he paddles along the rivers and lakes. He puts the "listener" in the front of the canoe as a silent passenger along for the ride. This effect is enhanced greatly by listening with headphones, or by positioning yourself in the centre of the Left/Right speaker stereo sound field. The result is a very relaxing, and meditative "soundscape" that draws the listener in, allows the mind to relax, or wander and conjure images, or to just let go.


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