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Songs of Wetland & Woodland Birds

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Songs of Wetland and Woodland Birds

A “Nature only” recording

Produced by Nature Recordist, Glenn Hubert
© 2013 Glenn Hubert, All rights reserved.


“Songs of Wetland and Woodland Birds” (63:20) has a calming effect, providing a natural ambience, lending itself for relaxation and reconnecting oneself with nature.

The first piece, “Wetland & Woodland Songbirds” (31:00) is a more dynamic soundscape of birds of the Wetlands and Woodlands of Northern Ontario, featuring songs of the Red-winged Blackbird, Robin, and a host of other song birds and waterfowl.

The second piece, “Song of the Catbird” (32:20) is a montage of various field recordings featuring song birds from around the marsh, meadow, and surrounding woodlands. Dominated by the lengthy, multi-phrased, beautiful song of the Catbird for the entire 32 minutes. The Catbird mimics many other birds and sounds, likely a territorial strategy to ward off competing species.

Glenn Hubert captured the true songs of these birds by placing his stereo microphones in their pristine natural habitats, in Northern Ontario, Canada.

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