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Rolling Thunder - Gentle Rain

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Rolling Thunder ~ Gentle Rain

A gentle summer rain storm

Part of the “Sleep Series”

 by Glenn Hubert

59:40 Continuous Play
© 2015 Glenn Hubert, All rights reserved.


     "Rolling Thunder  ~ Gentle Rain”  is a 1 hour soothing gentle rain storm with rolling thunder, without any harsh lightning strikes.  Perfect for relaxing, or drifting off to sleep, the peaceful sound of rain and rolling thunder will also help mask unwanted background household and environmental noise.
Great as a travel companion as a noise blocker / sleep aid.

     This is a real thunderstorm recorded in stereo and mastered by Glenn Hubert.  His goal was to maintain the true sound and natural ambience of thunder and rain.

     For lightning strikes and dynamic thunder storms, see “Dynamic Thunder & Lightning - Summer Rain”, by Glenn Hubert.


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