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RiverScapes 01

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RiverScapes 01

A mid-summer's day canoe ride on a lazy river.

by Glenn Hubert

© 2006 Glenn Hubert, All rights reserved.


From the most dynamic sounds of the splashing of a beaver's tail, or of the rushing whitewater rapids, to the subtlest sounds of the delicate wings of a dragonfly tickling the water surface as it lays its eggs, or the sounds of crickets and frogs in the quiet of night, Glenn records the sounds from nature, edits them in the studio, then composes and records original music to accompany the natural sounds of the wilderness. The result is a very relaxing, and meditative "soundscape" that draws the listener in, allows the mind to wander, to conjure images or to just let go. While taking in the peaceful sounds and serenity – still, there is a sense of wonder and adventure that unfolds as one listens, and becomes part of “RiverScapes”.



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