Moonlit Paddle on Wolf Lake Glenn Hubert CD front
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Moonlit Paddle on Wolf Lake

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Moonlit Paddle on Wolf Lake

A midnight paddle on a moonlit wilderness lake.

Composed, performed and produced by Glenn Hubert
© 2011 Glenn Hubert. All rights reserved.


A very relaxing, and meditative "soundscape" taking in a peaceful, midsummer paddle on a moonlit lake in Canada's Northern Ontario wilderness. Now you can enjoy the experience of canoeing under a full moon, taking in the serene sounds of the wilderness surrounding a still lake.

If you've ever wondered about what occurs on a wilderness lake in the middle of the night - now's your chance to find out. Along with the haunting calls of the loons and wolves, are rarely heard sounds such as the cry of a fox, the alarm call of a deer, the squawk of a heron, and many others. A unique nature experience!

Glenn captures the sound of nature using stereo microphones positioned at the front of his canoe. This puts you, the "listener" in the front of the canoe as a silent passenger along for the ride.
Back in the studio, he composed accompanying music consisting of soothing themes and melodies using his acoustic folk guitar and keyboards.

The result is a very relaxing, and meditative "soundscape" that draws the listener in, allows the mind to relax, or wander and conjure images, or to just let go.
This effect is enhanced greatly by listening with headphones, or by positioning yourself in the centre of the Left/Right speaker stereo sound field.


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