Wilderness Sounds from Algonquin Park

Mammals and Birds recorded

in Algonquin Provincial Park

Recorded by Glenn Hubert 

All Rights Reserved

Licensing enquiries - info@howlingthunderproductions.ca

The following list of mammals and birds are playing in the audio player on this page.

  • Alpha Wolf and pack
  • Wolf Pack Distant
  • MOOSE call
  • Two Barred OWLS in conversation
  • Barred Owl classic call
  • Barred Owl nice hoot yeowy
  • Owl Scream
  • Bear snuffing and popping
  • Deer Alarm call while running away
  • Wild Cat
  • Fox Cry
  • Grey Tree Frogs Close
  • Red Squirrel Natter
  • Squirrel alarm call
  • Squirrel Close
  • Blue Jay jeers
  • Songbird very close
  • Grouse calls and flies away