SoundScapes of Killbear Provincial Park
SoundScapes of Killbear Provincial Park

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SoundScapes of Killbear Provincial Park

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SoundScapes of Killbear Provincial Park

Natural Sounds of Killbear Provincial Park

Produced by Musician & Nature Recordist, Glenn Hubert,
© 2017 Glenn Hubert. All rights reserved.


Let the “SoundScapes of Killbear Provincial Park” transport you to some of the Parks iconic scenes, as if you just arrived, and are quietly taking in the surroundings.

Nature recordist, Glenn Hubert carefully chose each location to record the sounds typical of each scene, & invites you to sit back, relax and enjoy this special tour. Listen carefully - many of the birds, amphibians and animals which make Killbear Provincial Park their home, have been captured in his recordings. Some are easy to hear, others are in the background. Tasteful acoustic guitar & Native Flute were composed and performed by Glenn Hubert.

“Killbear Beach” - A lazy afternoon on the beach, listening to the waves washing up on shore, accompanied by a light hearted acoustic guitar.

“Twin Points Trail” - A dramatic forest scene with circling ravens, and song birds.

“Killbear Wetland” - Melodic acoustic guitar mingles with the sounds along the wetland shores - Red Winged Black Birds, Canada Geese, Herons, song birds, ducks, frogs, and more.

“Lighthouse Point” - Sitting at one of Killbear’s iconic viewpoints on a breezy day, listening to Georgian Bay waves break against the rocks, as the gulls call out overhead.

“Lookout Point Trail” - A beautiful dawn in the hardwood forest, with Warblers, Wild Turkeys, Canada Geese, and Wood Peckers, accompanied by a bouncy guitar piece.

“Whip-poor-will Frog Pond” - The night air at the pond is filled with a chorus of Green Frogs, Spring Peepers, the distinct calls of the Whip-poor-will, and the Barred Owl, along with a few surprises.

“Soothing Waves” - Meditative moments with the calming sounds of Georgian Bay Waves.

“Spring Stream” - Mystical melodies of Native flute flow with the bubbling spring stream.


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