Relax with the Sounds of Nature

 Sit back and relax with the sounds of nature.

Albums in the “Nature Only” Collection are nature only, no accompanying music, or extraneous sounds, just pure sounds of nature, as found in albums such as, “Sleepy Time Bird Scape”, “Songs of Wetland and Woodland Birds”“Rolling Thunder – Gentle Rain for Sleep & Relaxation”, and “Dynamic Thunder and Lightning - Summer Rain”.   If you like listening to thunder storms, you’ll like “Dynamic Thunder and Lightning – Summer Rain”.  Crank it up, and hold onto your seat.  LOL.  This is a dynamic thunder storm, which starts off gentle enough, but be warned, there are a few very dynamic lightning strikes with accompanying thunder and rain.  For a sleep version, you may enjoy “Rolling Thunder - Gentle Rain for Sleep & Relaxation”.

All the Sounds of Nature were recorded “on location” in remote wilderness throughout Northern Ontario including the areas of Algonquin Provincial Park, Muskoka, Almaguin Highlands, Georgian Bay, and creeks and rivers in between.  

Glenn Hubert uses quality stereo microphones to capture the pristine sounds of Northern Ontario nature.  His recordings are high quality, in true stereo, giving the listener the feeling of being "right there".  Wearing headphones while listening, will place you in the centre of the soundscape. 

Other Collections available include the "Music and Nature"; and The "Algonquin Park Wilderness Series".

Enjoy your listening experience.

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